Monday, February 18, 2013

Win My First Giveaways!

It's a little past Valentines and just a little further away from New Year. I can't believe I'd do it again. Yes, I am giving away my jewelry once again, this time on my brand new super blog called Escape Thailand. I have a good feeling about this whole start up thing and allow myself to celebrate the launching of Escape Thailand. For those who don't know why would a so-called 'travel blog' giving away pieces of jewelry, let me 'officially' introduce places I occupy on the web; 
Sathem Jewellery by Thitima - Out of self-taught, I make jewelry in my free time, and so I write a bit about it on a blog called My Jewelry Journal. I give them away often on my FB page too (now that explains 'why jewelry').
Give it Some Thoughts - GIST is one 'love-hate' place where I hold you by the hand and actually show you most places where things are missing and need fixing in life. Not as an expert, but as a friend. 
So here I am, once again, will be giving away  3 random picked lovely handmade bracelets out of my handmade collection to one lucky winner. This is going to be very exciting! The giveaways will run from today the 19th, February 2013 to Thursday the 21st March 2013. This is an international giveaways, anyone anywhere in the world can participate. There is no cost whatsoever, the prize will be sent to the lucky one totally free of charge. 

To enter, follow the steps below;
a Rafflecopter giveaway

    You can gain more entry by clicking 'follow this blog' button  on the 'networkedblogs widget' on the right hand side of the page, and do the same on my friend's site, Explore Siam.

    Post comment anything at all about this blog down below so I can check your entries (note: to increase your chances, you can comment as many times as you like in a day and as many days as you like until the end date, so keeps coming back guys!).

    And that's it, you're entered into the giveaways. Only those who have done all the 5 steps will be eligible. The winner will be picked randomly. I will post the winner's name on both our page  and on this blog 24 hours after the giveaways ended.

    Thanks a lot for dropping by, and have a great week everyone.



    Enter me in your giveaway please.

    I liked all - Awesome giveaway!

    Took Vote: Where in Thailand would be my first stop - Phuket

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    Liked both and follow as Margaret Imecs
    Beautiful giveaway! Thanks!

    Awesome giveaway, thanks for hosting. Liked and followed all!

    Beautiful bracelets! Great giveaway.

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    Been to Thailand several times and still loving it! Extremely friendly citizens, the yummy food and the shop-till-you-drop experience, it's paradise on earth! Can't wait to visit again, real soon!

    Voted on where to go in Thailand

    Never been to Thailand and would love to go!

    I would like to go because it is beautiful there

    Thank you everyone for your comments. Keep it up guys! ^^

    I always love learning about new cultures. Thank you


    Its an exotic place to go. Would love to travel to Thailand and experience it all !

    I'd love to experience a new culture!

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    Thailand has been on my bucket list for a while. I'd like to visit Chang Mai.
    My rafflecopter name is Julie G.

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    "Ruan Mullika Restaurant, Bangkok: Traditional Thai Cuisine"

    I want to see the world before I die... and Thialand is definatly a can't miss spot. Talk about crossing something off the bucket list!

    Left a comment on your Thailand Visa info what works and what not. Thanks

    Because I wonder Thai food.

    annabell_lee_dk (at)

    The photos I have seen of Thailand are beautiful. I love to travel internationally.

    scarter305 at aol dot com

    i want to go to thailand bcoz i want visit pattaya n i like thai food
    miarsiku at gmail dot com

    I'd love to visit Thailand to experience the culture, food, and history. I would especially like to visit Koh Samui for the beaches and coral reefs.

    I love Thai food...I just love food lol...but Thai is one of my faves. Would love to try authentic version!

    Tweet your amazing giveaway

    "Jess - Century Park Hotel Bangkok, Treat Yourself to Trendy all-day Dining Venue"
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    "Thailand Overview and Means of Transportation"
    Under JessiGucci - that's me. Using wrong gmail... lol

    I just returned from Thailand.
    There are so many reasons to return....things I missed seeing, new places, old place I enjoyed, more shopping, more time to feel special as a visitor there.

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    "Top 3 Spots for Amazing Street Food in Bangkok, Thailand"

    Share your awesome giveaway on Facebook

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    "Bangkok Attractions - Places And Activities You Musn't Miss"

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    "Bangkok Attractions - Places And Activities You Musn't Miss"

    We had an exchange student from Thailand in high school and I've wanted to visit since then.

    I want to visit for the sheer beauty of Thailand

    Decided to share on FB

    I love to travel and explore new countries. Thailand sounds like fun!

    I have made a comment on:

    "Top 3 Spots for Amazing Street Food in Bangkok, Thailand"

    and good luck on your blog!

    I want to visit Thailand to go scuba diving actually. The picture of the beaches are amazing!

    I followed your blog on Network blogs. My profile name is Maddie Klingaman

    I am following your friends site, Explore Siam, on network blogs.

    I like your facebook page Sathem Jewellery By Thitima - Maddie Klingaman. Very nice btw.

    I am following My Jewelry Journal on Networked Blogs. My profile name is Maddie Klingaman

    I am following the blog, Give it some thought on Network Blogs. My profile name is Maddie Klingaman

    I left a comment on this post:

    Thank you for the giveaway. Your jewelry is very pretty.

    Hey, I really like your Jewelry Journal, but you need more updated blog pages. It would be awesome if you put up some photos of what you are making.

    I tweeted your giveaway:

    I +1 this and shared it on Google:
    (Maddie Klingaman)

    I added the blog and giveaway on Stumble Upon:

    I blogged about your giveaway on LiveJournal:

    I pinned the giveaway onto Pinterest.

    My pinterest name is Gettinthn.

    I am following Escape Thailand on Pinterest. My pinterest name is Gettinthn. Would you follow me back?

    I repinned the following pin to my Pinterest:

    I shared this on my facebook page:
    Maddie Klingaman

    Ok ladies, I hope this is enough for today and drives some traffic to your website and to your giveaway. I'll be back tomorrow to pin, share and comment. In the meantime, have a lovely night or day as I believe you are way ahead of timewise.

    my sister in law's family is there. would live to visit and meet them.

    I love to travel and have heard interesting things about Thailand! :)

    @Maddie Klingaman, thanks a lot for visiting my jewelry blog and being so active on Escape Thailand. I did reply your comment on my jewelry blog saying that it was in fact going to be my birthday tomorrow and I'm happy to send you one of the bracelet I've made if you would let me know your postal address. I am planning to randomly send out 22 more pieces of my jewelry for my birthday this year. So if you see this message, just head to contact page and leave your address there, I'll send you one of my work. :)

    Take care.

    Oh wow! That's awesome! Thanks!!! I just now saw your message. Been so busy with work, and stuff. You rock! Love your jewelry.
    Left a message with requested info.

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