Top 3 Spots for Amazing Street Food in Bangkok

An awesome meal is never hard to find in Bangkok. What do you fancy?

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

My First Giveaway Winner(s) Announcement!

Thank you everyone for participating in my first giveaway from Escape Thailand. Now is time for the winners announcement. I said there will be one winner, but since you guys were so active, I have over 400 entries going on, so I decided to pick 2 winners instead of one! Each of the winner will receive 3 random picked handmade bracelets made by me.

And the winners are;
  1. Tracy Morin (email: and 
  2. Sandy Sanders (email:
  Congratulations to both lucky winners. Please head over to our contact page and send me your postal address. I will send out your prize asap. :)

Thanks again everyone for participating. For those who have tried their very best but didn't win this time, chin up! I'm going to do another giveaway pretty soon. 

Stay tune.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Ruan Mullika Restaurant, Bangkok: Traditional Thai Cuisine

Traditional cuisine with over 200 years old traditional Thai house dating back to the early Rattanakosin period. The restaurant situated in traditional downtown Sukhumvit. Surrounded by many tall modern buildings, this ancient house is really an interesting place to visit. 

 This beautiful restaurant is capable of taking in 120 customers at any given time. It also has private rooms if privacy is one of your priorities when dining out. Ruan Mullika Restaurant also has a hard to find delicious traditional cuisine, which is well-prepared and presented in a wonderful traditional style. 

 To visit Ruan Mullika Restaurant, get on Sukhumvit Road, Soi 22, once see Seven-11 store, turn into the road and continue on for approximately 200 meters, and Ruan Mullika Restaurant will be on your right hand side. The restaurant open every day from 11:00 to 23:00. To book your place, call +66 (0)2-6633211-2

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jess - Century Park Hotel Bangkok, Treat Yourself to Trendy all-day Dining Venue

Yes, in Thailand, we've got out-of-this-world street food and all, most times, they are all affordable to even super cheap in price!, but when it comes to treating yourself to a special evening, why not try this trendy all-day dining venue, 'JESS'? The place features delicious international buffet and a la carte menu of Thai dishes, healthy salads, sumptuous sandwiches and delectable international cuisine.

Buffet here featuring delicious variety seafood..

Super size oysters

Mix and match

Japanese/Chinese food is also available

 Or if you are into healthy choices, here's salad and all;

 At last.. treat yourself to some delicious dessert choices..

  The buffet ts available 18:00 - 22:00, every Friday and Saturday, 1,300 Baht/person (that's around $44) excluding drinks. Book yourself for spaces at the restaurant's site, Century Park Hotel Bangkok, or call 022467800 ext. 4503

Monday, February 18, 2013

Win My First Giveaways!

It's a little past Valentines and just a little further away from New Year. I can't believe I'd do it again. Yes, I am giving away my jewelry once again, this time on my brand new super blog called Escape Thailand. I have a good feeling about this whole start up thing and allow myself to celebrate the launching of Escape Thailand. For those who don't know why would a so-called 'travel blog' giving away pieces of jewelry, let me 'officially' introduce places I occupy on the web; 
Sathem Jewellery by Thitima - Out of self-taught, I make jewelry in my free time, and so I write a bit about it on a blog called My Jewelry Journal. I give them away often on my FB page too (now that explains 'why jewelry').
Give it Some Thoughts - GIST is one 'love-hate' place where I hold you by the hand and actually show you most places where things are missing and need fixing in life. Not as an expert, but as a friend. 
So here I am, once again, will be giving away  3 random picked lovely handmade bracelets out of my handmade collection to one lucky winner. This is going to be very exciting! The giveaways will run from today the 19th, February 2013 to Thursday the 21st March 2013. This is an international giveaways, anyone anywhere in the world can participate. There is no cost whatsoever, the prize will be sent to the lucky one totally free of charge. 

To enter, follow the steps below;
a Rafflecopter giveaway

    You can gain more entry by clicking 'follow this blog' button  on the 'networkedblogs widget' on the right hand side of the page, and do the same on my friend's site, Explore Siam.

    Post comment anything at all about this blog down below so I can check your entries (note: to increase your chances, you can comment as many times as you like in a day and as many days as you like until the end date, so keeps coming back guys!).

    And that's it, you're entered into the giveaways. Only those who have done all the 5 steps will be eligible. The winner will be picked randomly. I will post the winner's name on both our page  and on this blog 24 hours after the giveaways ended.

    Thanks a lot for dropping by, and have a great week everyone.

    Saturday, February 9, 2013

    Bangkok Attractions - Places And Activities You Musn't Miss

    Planing on going to Bangkok for your holidays? Here are 10 must see and must do Bangkok attractions;
    1. Get on a river taxi and see the beauty of Chao Praya River. 

    One of the most interesting view of Bangkok. If you are adventurous, just jump on one at any of its terminals. Make sure to be fast enough as the water taxis hardly fully stop. Alternatively, book a tour from one of the hotels by the river such as The Royal Orchid Sheraton, Shangri la or The Peninsula.

    2. Meet and greet with the locals and tourists at the Weekend market, Chatuchak/Jatujak 

    It can get very hot in here but is an excellent place, nonetheless, to see the wares of Thailand. You will definitely find a great buy along the way. There's just about anything available here in Chatuchak market. Whatever your taste or interests.

    3.See the wonders of the Grand Palace 

    Take a close look at the glorious work of art in the middle of Bangkok.

    4.Get a Thai massage

    Get full Thai massage, or foot massage, or both! If you don't get a Thai massage in Thailand then you haven't been to Thailand. Experience the wonderful way of relaxing and de-stressing without breaking your bank.

    5.Have A Relaxing Spa At The Banyan

    A relaxing spa retreat right in the middle of the city. You can choose from a 1 hour facial treatment or if you have time to spare, have a 7 hour Banyan package and spoil yourself mad.

    6.Visit the Floating Market

    Get to floating market early in the morning and you'll get a very good cultural experience where the river-folks are trading mindless of the tourists.

    7. Night markets wonders

    Affordable, interesting goods are available all over Bangkok's night markets. Be sure to ask questions and negotiate, you will have great experience shopping. Also if you go very early, just when the shops are opening, you might even get the prices really low.

    8.Shop Till You Drop 

    Shopping is the Thailand's national past time and wherever you are in Bangkok, you will never run out of shops to explore. You can find practically everything in this City Of Angels and at very reasonable prices to boot. For reasonable priced clothes, go to Pratunum Market; for little trinkets, go to Yaowarat in Chinatown; for bargain software, go to Panthip plaza, and for designer clothes, try Central Plaza or The Emporium Shopping Center.

    9.Try Thai food
    Thai food is just heavenly! Try some or all of them, everyday!

    10.See An Elephant Show 

    Visit the famous show often used as a signature for a Thailand visit. They are cute, they are smart and they will make your day even more adventurous. Take lots of pictures and have fun experiencing Thailand's little chaps! They are real treats!


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