Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jess - Century Park Hotel Bangkok, Treat Yourself to Trendy all-day Dining Venue

Yes, in Thailand, we've got out-of-this-world street food and all, most times, they are all affordable to even super cheap in price!, but when it comes to treating yourself to a special evening, why not try this trendy all-day dining venue, 'JESS'? The place features delicious international buffet and a la carte menu of Thai dishes, healthy salads, sumptuous sandwiches and delectable international cuisine.

Buffet here featuring delicious variety seafood..

Super size oysters

Mix and match

Japanese/Chinese food is also available

 Or if you are into healthy choices, here's salad and all;

 At last.. treat yourself to some delicious dessert choices..

  The buffet ts available 18:00 - 22:00, every Friday and Saturday, 1,300 Baht/person (that's around $44) excluding drinks. Book yourself for spaces at the restaurant's site, Century Park Hotel Bangkok, or call 022467800 ext. 4503



I am so amazed at the presentation!

I showed this blog to a friend of mine. She said, in Thailand, it's a culinary ART very unique and very flavourful.

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